Thursday, January 31, 2013

How beautiful Summer night in Bangladesh

Although Bangladesh enjoys, in general, a moderate climate, neither too hor nor too cold, except during the rainy season when heavy downpour occurs frequently, yet sometimes a summer day or night breaks her tradition. Almost   every year, such occasions occur a couple of times. One of such night experienced last year I yet remember vividly and propose to describe below.

How to do Advertisement in world

Advertisement means making a  thing known to the public. It has become a fine art. Its purpose is to draw the attention of the customers. It establishes a link between the producers and the customers. A customer can know about the quality and price of a thing through advertisement. Advertisement has become an important part of modern business life. Different countries of the globe square measure being brought nearer through promotion. There are many  ways and means of advertisement.

We see advertisement in blog,website,papers, internet, magazines, periodicals, journals, on the screen of television and cinema. We hear advertisement in the radio. Again some use lights and some use pictures for advertisement. Sometimes jokers pass through streets with strange dress for advertisement. Besides there are advertising firms and agencies. Some advertisements are obscene and vulgar. Measures should be taken to stop such kind of advertisement. However advertisement is a part of modern civilization

Falling sick after poisonous food

At least sixty workers and twenty staff fell sick at a garments factory at Ashulia ib Savar.Dhaka yesterday after taking food supplied by a caterer.

Contacted over phone,the factory manager of the garments said that the food was supplied in packets by a listed caterer.After taking the food.The victims felt pain in stomach and  started vomiting.They were rushed to the  nearby hospital for treatment.Conditions of some patients worsened and later  they were shifted to a clinic for better  treatment.