Monday, February 4, 2013

Healthy Recipes-Healthy Cooking

It amazed me that a Casual dining restaurant,in the heart of a dhaka city,name STREET  11,what an exceptional and nice name!!at Banani,road no 11 was packed with people,Not only were people eating dish after dish,but they were enjoying themselves.From a few tables nearby,the word “chicken meals” was heard and Doy Fuchka.The talk and loughter from both sides and  the bustling energetic servers produced a cheerful and colorful and colorful tone to our nice evening was sponsored by STREET 11 organized by splash Magazine.

It was such an amazing evening with all splash magazines staffs and publisher,editor and lots of people from media,famous models make the environment and our arrangements so delightful and enjoyable.STREET 11 develop their recipes from Australia.They make no compromise to maitain the food strictly healthy way.

They some secrets without oil cooking time 1-15 mins.Its specialty is the juice drinks made from fresh ingredients.Drinks like seasonal Fizzy Drinks such as spring juice,Summer juice,Autumn juice,winter juice ete.They have special items like Roasted chick-en,Chicken Burger,Muffin chocolate hot cake and sandwich,As a side dish you can get, Aromatic Rice,Garlic and Parsley Potato,BBQ Baked Beans, and Potato and Hawaiina Salad.Their purpose is to serve the food always in a very healthy way.

STREET 11s Greatest Meals are chicken Arrabiata and home made beef and lamb meats base Bolonese mix sauce etc.Needless to say,it was a great Evening in such a nice restaurant.During the stay we all from splash magazine and invited guests enjoyed the food a lot.

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