Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Canadian Hi commissioner visits IFAD Industry

Canadian Hi commissioner, H.E.Health-er Cruden visits IfAD Industry on few months ago. She says to the journalists during her visit to IFAD Industry that her country wants to increase business with Bangladesh.She also wants to see IFAD's product in Canadian super market.

She is excited to see IFAD products such as Noodles & Biscuits made from Canadian wheat. Expressing experience of several IFAD’s industry she says, production environment of IFAD industry is nice & their quality controlled technol-ogy is highly satisfactory. As a result vacancy is creating & at the same time people are getting quality products. 

Mentioning business relationship of Bangladesh & Canada, she says, there is 1.6 billion dollars business relation between these two countries. Bangla-desh’s position is satisfactory in this regard. Bangladesh is enjoying free trading privilege since 2003. IFAD Group’s Chairman Iftekher Ahmed Tipu says, there is no alternative of economic strength  to continue developing program’ Tanvir Ahmed, Managing Director of IFAD Group says, ‘RMG sector of Bangladesh already has achieved a respected position in world economy.

Just like this Bangladeshi food products wants to have such a position in world market. We already started exporting in North America & European market. We hope Bangladeshi food  products will recognize as a brand in the world food market in recent future’.

To mention, IFAD Multi Product Ltd started its running in 2003. Since inauguration, it started marketing wheat flour products made by automated machine. Its production capacity is 160tons per day. Security system of this industry is brought from Mulan Chobi, Germany. 

This is the only industry in Bangladesh who has ISO 9000-2000, 14001-2004 with flour products manufacturer in Bangladesh. We’re committed to expand our market secure the consumer rights
Hoping this we entered in the market with water, chanachur, biscuit & kake at the middle of 2010 produced in the own industrial park.

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