Saturday, February 9, 2013

“Acid Throwing” A Major Problem of the World

Now-a-days, acid-throwing has become a major concern of our world. It spring from multifarious causes, specially, from rejected love-offer, conflict centering round property heinous crime is committed by the rejected lovers who think that it is their usual right to get their love-proposals fulfilled, but forget that a girl offered, has also the same human right to alarming rate to reject such a proposal if it displeases her. At present, this social vice has taken such an alarming rate that no concerned people can turn a deaf ear to it.

Usually, women are its worst victims and, in many cases children, the epitome of innocence and divine beauty, do not also escape from the clutches of the acid-throwers. Definitely, it is a crime not only against women and children but also against the whole humanity. In the deeper sense, it is more barbarous and ruthless than killing. A person killed once is out of all worldly pangs and suffering, while an acid-survivor has to survive constantly undergoing tremendous physical, psychological and social torments.

It is to undergo the torments of being killed every moment and living in lost existence with a dead soul. In fact the suffering of an Acid survivor is too great to be described in words. Can we stand our disfigured appearance? Every person, whatever complexion and class does he or she possess, has his or her own beauty endowed by the almighty.

But an acid-thrower mars that natural appearance and beauty causing a hellish suffering to a victim. It is clear that acid throwing is both a crime and sin that is active enough to perish our peaceful existence and all flourishment. So strict action must be taken to save us from this social curse. For this, the availability of acid must be made difficult. Import quota and certain import licenses may be imposed to restrict the amount of acid entering the country. Moreover, strict and exemplary punishment with the death sentence to the culprits must be enforced.

 Above all, there must be public awareness coupled with the concern that throwing acid to others is to throw it towards oneself. Only then we will be able to build up a world and country free of acid throwing.

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