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Hellow!! Thanks for your agree to know me.

Let me briefly describe myself.

My name is Rehan Hasan ,I was born on 30th of September  1993 in Bogra,Bangladesh.But now I live in Dhaka for Higher Education. I am an civil engineering students at Uttara University Dhaka.But My hobbies are blogging,web designing, internet browsing and all the related to computer science and information technology.

This is all about  latest computer science and information technology, entertainment news.In this especial issue,you will find all most every science and information  ,technology,real news and history, it news,it tutorial, so that our readers can have the latest information in World.

"It Expand" also related with computer science and information technology,Hot media celebrity news,gossiping, magazine,facebook,google plus content etc.

Our respected readers can also gather complete 'It expand' on online,home and especially on latest unseen tutorial and news.Thinking about the passion of information technology,we present huge article on 'IT'.

Some different features on IT care can make a life more charming and appealing.So we are ready to provide a real taste of IT.

We want to thank our readers and cherish;your upcoming occasion would be gorgeous & would like to request inspiring our team for their heartiest support to reach http://itexpand.blogspot.com/ at your door with its unique contents.

We highly appreciated our readers to stay beside us publishing each issue gathering the latest information of fashion and life style .Hope you will get your own information of IT through each page of http://itexpand.blogspot.com Your satisfaction can make our labor rewarding.

 Please post any queries about anything you wanna ask here

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                                                                                                                                      Rehan hasan

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