Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New voter list for Election

The Election Commission (EC) has decided to prepare a new voter list with photographs for holding the next election transparent and credible.The choef Election Commissioner (CEC) in his briefing with press at his office said that EC will prepare a fresh voter list with photographs as it was demanded by the political parties and the civil society. The EC has undertaken a project on it, and they are now working with it.

As for the fund. he said that the donor countries will come forward with financial and technical assistance. Govt. will also provide some funds. They will soon start a pilot project for new voter list to find out the irregularities and faults. Then they will make list throughout the country.
About 450 core taka will be needed for making the new voter list. The EU and UNDP will provide computer, scanner and other technical support, the EC said in his briefing.

It will take about six months to prepare the list. EC will form more than two thousand groups to collect data and pictures requred for making the list. Bangladesh Army will also take part in this project. Election Commissioner Brigd. (Rtd) Shakawat Hossain said to a questioner in the briefing.

Ec already start  working and it will end by next week and final work will end in next month. EC will hold local elections first on the new voter list, then for national election. Earlier, a new voter list was demanded by all political parties and supported by international communities for holding the next election free and fair as existing voter list was found grossly faulty.

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