Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The perfect Bride!!

There is something  about the Asian bride that is unique and spectacular.When you look at a bride from any of the  South Asian countries-whether she is from India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka or Bangladesh,There is evident  in the bride, a stunning colorful look, a graceful and elegant shyness,piercing eyes and a slender smile.It’s a big day for the lady,something that will change her life.Hence big preparation calls for it as well.But in most cases,it is evident that the  bride gets preoccupied with wedding preparations resulting in the fact that she hardly has much time to prepare herself!

A lot of shopping for the big day,choosing among colors,helping the family get the right accessories for her running  between the houses of different  relatives- all these can make her very tired indeed.Exhausted and  yet excited,she sees through her  big day and relies  on  her parlour’s stylists to do the job.Sometimes  they actually over-do it and consequently the bride ends up looking like a makeup kit  and jewelry  box with her real beauty kept  hidden  somewhere beneath all those  layers of makeup and jewelry.

To commemorate the event, POND’S and Magic Mirror presented beautiful brides of different styles and genres  to show-case the brilliance and elegance of bridal makeover.Magic Mirror Makeover Lounge in collaboration with Unilever has  launched an array of exclusive bridal packages that  promise flawless bridal makeover and skincare products .

That is why pond’s  collaborated with magic mirror makeover lounge to launch pond’s beauti-ful bride at a local hotel.The models were Bipasha ,Rakhi,Samiha,Samia and proshun.Ponds and magic mirror made a magical make over,working on the eyes to give a stunning appeal and making the colors on lips rather lighter in contrast,giving a gorgeous look more like a princess rather than regular bride with heavy makeup.There are three categories of the package, of 3 months,15 days and 7 days with different facilities.The 3 months package includes proper pedicure,manicure from three months before,with different skin and hair care treatments.The counting of days  from three months to three days back makes the anticipation longer,the skin and hair healthier and over all the bride looks beautiful not just from outside but has naturally glowing look as well.

The romantic journey’s start is evident in her gleaming eyes with simple yet gorgeous look.The package also includes 10% discount on accessories from New joroa House,gift hamper from pond’s and many free services depending on the packages.Advice on health,diet,make u,jewelry,saree, etc is also given in these package

Farzana Halim, owner of magic mirror said,”The general perception is that brides in Bangladesh should put on a lot of heavy makeup,but in order  to look more the bride look gorgeous but without the makeup itself being visible!This is quite different from the common perception.

But real beauty lies in revealing it from within and hence we collaborated with pond’s launch to give the bride proper skincare and makeover and make her wedding special for her.” 

Pond’s is a brand that gives a woman the beauty that brings romance in her life.Pond’s joined hands with magic mirror to bring this bridal show to life because wedding day is a special day in every woman’s life.

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