Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to create facebook account and how to use facebook

Facebook is a social media. That’s created “Mark Jukarbarg” from USA. It is free uses for all people in the world, Mainly it is a web page but specially for social media and social media marketing. Anyone can easily signup in this web page but nowadays you have must be
 need a mobile phone for registering facebook. If you want to creat a facebook account, Then must be you have need an email, real birth date, and also need a mobile phone for verified your facebook account. At first you need to go then fill up the form by providing real information, Now need to click next button and add a photo, Then again click next now facebook want to add your school/collage/university name and last you can add some friend that’s you know. Now your facebook profile is ready to use.

That’s all about I told you how to create a facebook account. But why you need to create a facebook account?

Nowadays  maximum peoples have minimum one account. So its very popular website in the world.we can use facebook very easily, If you feel lonely then you can use facebook for chat but also you can share yourself movement with thousands of friend.

Facebook have many point such as Like,Tag,Share,Block,Unfriend,Addfriend,Report etc. “LIKE” button uses for liking such as  how many like  you got from your friend in your status or photo. “TAG” button is easy to tagging your photo/status with some special person. “BLOCK’ button is uses for blocking person who have disturbing you. By use “ADD FRIEND” button to adding a lots of friend that’s you know. And same you can using UNFRIEND button to remove some person from your friend list.

And if you feel some profile is fake or geographically error then you can reports that’s profile. We can check our popularity by how people giving like and comment  in my photo or status. Facebook  have  available space for storing a lots of photo and video.By using facebook application you can make your profile very light full. Firstly I have said to you facebook not only social media but also way of social media marketing.

In this world have many business man,Our running life need to advertise for increasing our product or business. You can create a facebook page for developing business and also you can use facebook advertisement. But it is very costly, If you showing your ad in facebook page, then facebook take to you $15 for one day. At this time we saw facebook saw facebook advantage but same like as many  disadvantage for using facebook. Our country is very poor country and not enough broadband internet connection, so we need to many money for using internet.

At first we have need to pay for internet connection then we can use facebook. Some bad person are create fake account for harassing to others. Many female person are falling problem for using facebook facebook id,coz bad people take  girl photo from real female id and create fake id. Its boring when some one give bad comments our picture or staus. Female person are feel disturbing from unknown person. And many people created fake page for making a person loosing his/her character.

So we need to use facebook very carefully.For  Read this article we know how to create facebook account,how to use facebook and advantage and disadvantage about facebook.

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